Sitemap - 2021 - NOT BILLABLE

🗞️ Moscow Wants A Different Alphabet

⚖️ Cuomo’s Behavior “Troubling, But Not Criminal”

📦 Amazon Delivers A New Promise

💻 Moscow Wants A Different Alphabet

🗞️ "Hack-tivist" Investors Face The Music

📰 Fox News Becomes The Story

🔐 "Hack-tivist" Investors Face The Music

💃 Dance Of The Vaccine Mandate

🤿 Sunday Deep Dive: The Great Resignation

🔦 Meet Amy: The Lawtrades Team

🗞️ An Olympic-Sized Settlement For US Gymnasts

😌 Spotlight on Talent: Flexible Legal Ops

🕹Epic Games Won't Be Taking A Bite Of The Apple…Yet

📚Penguin Random House Questions The DOJ's Reading Of The Law

🏅An Olympic-Sized Settlement For US Gymnasts

🎉Lawtrades November Round-Up

🗞️ What's The Truth Behind Trump's Truth Social?

🤓 CalTech vs. Big Tech

⚾ Hardball At SoftBank

🔁 What's The Truth Behind Truth Social?

🤿 Sunday Deep Dive: Cracking the Whip on Crypto

🗞️What Is Retail Pharmacy's Role In The Opioid Crisis?

📝 Is A Former DoD Head Being Silenced?

🕹 Roblox Takes On The Trolls

💊What Is Retail Pharmacy's Role In The Opioid Crisis?

🗞️ Elizabeth Holmes Says She Never Intentionally Misled Investors

💵 McKinsey In Hot Water With The SEC

🔌 JPMorgan Wishes It Could Pull The Plug On Its Tesla Relationship

🩸 Is Elizabeth Holmes The Victim Here?

📺 Event Replay: Practical Commercial Contracting for In-House Teams

🗞️ Uber's ADA Compliance Comes Under Fire

🗃 Trump’s Files Stay Secret For Now

💰 Lawsuit May Reveal Bitcoin’s Founder

🚗 Does Uber Violate ADA Protections?

🎉Lawtrades October Round-Up

How to Build a Socially Conscious Culture

🗞️ Astroworld tragedy under investigation

🗣University of Florida Flip-Flops On Free Speech

💪Amazon Flex Is Muscled By The FTC

⛔Travis Scott Faces Lawsuit Barrage

🔦 Meet Lauren: The Lawtrades Team

🗞️ The newest tech antitrust enforcer in the U.S.

 📄 Facebook tells employees to hold all their documents for legal reasons 

🙋 What's happened at the Supreme Court so far this session 

⛰️ The Justice Department’s top antitrust leader is almost ready to begin

🥂 Lawtrades NYC Meetup

🔦 Meet Josh: The Lawtrades Team

📺 Event Replay- How to Position yourself as a Valuable Member of the C-Suite

🧐 How to Recruit in 2022

🗞️ The Trump social media lawsuit

🥣 Kellogg’s is being sued over Pop Tarts 

🧑‍⚖️ The Elizabeth Holmes trial is about halfway over; here are the key points

😵 Trump's planned social media network is already facing a major legal threat 

👨‍💼Spotlight on Talent: Healthy Work-Life Balance

🔦 Meet Hannah: The Lawtrades Team

🗞️ Congress' new beef with Amazon

🖋️ North Carolina wins a major affirmative action lawsuit 

🤷 Could Facebook be exempted from Section 230? 

🔥 Lawmakers are investigating whether Jeff Bezos misled Congress 

🚀 How to Freelance in 2022 & Beyond

🗣 Positioning Yourself as a Valuable Member of the C-Suite

💥How Udemy supercharged its commercial contract work with Lawtrades

🗞️ Is Big Tobacco scrutiny headed for Facebook?

🇨🇳 China files new antitrust action against a top food delivery company

✨ The next chapter of Epic v. Apple 

🚧 The long path waiting for the lawmakers who want Facebook reform

🧑‍💻Spotlight on Talent: Leading your own Virtual Law Firm 

🎉Lawtrades September Round-Up

🤝Everything is better with friends

📈Leveraging Legal Ops to Increase Efficiency

🗞️ Facebook’s Capitol riots problem

🧑‍⚖️ What's on tap in the new Supreme Court session 

🔗 The legal links in the Pandora Papers 

😐 What role did Facebook play in the January 6 Capitol riots?

🤨 It’s Time to Rethink your Sourcing Strategies

📺 Event Replay- Working for Yourself: Legal Professionals Going Out on Their Own

🗞️ The Big Law problem with the future of work

💰 Fewer than half of attorneys say legal education was worth the cost…but 

⛔ The Australian law leading people to drop Facebook 

⚖️ People want work-life balance; traditional law firms are struggling to adjust 

😆 Lawtrades' Spotlight: Attorney

📺 Event Replay- How to Leverage Legal Ops

🗞️ Why we may get two separate internets

💵 Twitter may owe nearly $1B for allegedly duping investors 

🛬 Antitrust comes to the friendly skies 

🔒 How privacy is changing our online experience

😇 How Law Firms use Lawtrades

🗣How to Leverage Legal Ops to Increase Efficiency in Your Legal Department

🗞️ An epic decision in Epic v. Apple

🧑‍🎤 Deja sue: What the fight over Olivia Rodrigo songs says about copyright law 

⛔ Texas passes a law banning censorship of social media

🍏 The judge’s decision in Epic v. Apple is a loss for both 

🤓 Lawtrades' Spotlight: Part-Time Attorney

🎉Lawtrades August Round-Up

🗞️ The FTC zeroes in on...the McFlurry?

🍨 Why the FTC is getting involved with McFlurrys 

👎 Governments are shutting down internet access more than ever 

🐻 California has a labor law problem with Amazon 

🗞️ Apple settles one lawsuit. Is Epic next?

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 The Big Tech antitrust case in which the US government might actually be tech’s friend

💉 What to know about the Elizabeth Holmes trial 

🍏 Apple settles a lawsuit over its App Store, but Epic awaits 

Lawtrades' Spotlight: Paralegal Talent 🙌

🧐 Integrating a Flexible Talent into your Established Team

🗞️ Cali's gig worker law is out

🧭 FTC files amended antitrust complaint against Facebook 

👩‍⚖️ Judge rules Cali's Prop 22 gig worker law unconstitutional 

🙌 5 major takeaways from EY's extensive study on GCs 

🙌 Lawtrades' Spotlight: Legal Ops Talent

🤔Looking for Stress-Free Legal Support?

🔦 Meet Rob: The Lawtrades Team

📺 Event Replay- Hypergrowth in Action: How to Build a Legal Team in 101 Days

🗞️ SPACs are getting sued

🔊 Sonos wins against Google in copyright infringement case 

🛫 How airline seating explains legal battles over ownership 

🧞‍♀️ What makes a SPAC a SPAC?

🗞️ Amazon’s new legal rivalry in India

🙊 After Epic sued Google, Google thought about buying Epic 

🤔 Where exactly does the new head of the SEC stand on regulating crypto? 

🔥 Amazon scores a huge court victory in India 

🤝 Lawtrades' Talent Spotlight

How Recharge built up their legal team with Lawtrades

🗣 Hypergrowth in Action - How to Build a World-Class Legal Team in 101 Days

🗞️ Napster is the legal news world

📽️ Scarlett Johansson's “Black Widow” lawsuit could have huge Hollywood implications

💵 Somehow law salaries are getting even higher

👽 A Napster harassment case could have a major impact on Spotify 

🗞️ COVID may change a major internet law

🪄 Biden nominates even more antitrust personnel 

👯 Epic finds an ally against Google

😷 The latest reason for redoing Section 230

🗞️ China’s unique antitrust motives

🧞‍♀️ Why 2021 is a good year for lawyers to jump away from firm life

🤔 What to know about DACA and a new federal ruling 

🇨🇳 Why Chinese antitrust is all about exerting government power

📺 Event Replay-Preparing for an IPO: In-House Best Practices

🗞️ Lawyers say Google is too much like Apple

🥺 Can America figure out how to stop all the Ransomware? 

💥 Chinese tech companies go public at the risk of angering China 

🍎 Why state attorneys have a problem with Google resembling Apple 

🗣 Preparing for an IPO - Best Practices

📺 Event Replay-First-Time GC: What you need to know

🗞️ Tech 1, Antitrust 0

🔵 Ring loses to ADT over a patent 

📃 There’s still a huge gulf in bar passage rates between white and Black and Hispanic lawyers 

👨‍⚖️ Facebook notches a victory in the antitrust wars 

🗞️ Jay-Z and the first major NFT lawsuit

⛹️‍♀️ SCOTUS hands the NCAA its biggest L yet 

🪁 Why Big Law’s top talents are leaving for tech

🎤 The biggest NFT lawsuit yet

🗞️ Congress goes all-in on tech antitrust

🎶 The music industry believes the app Roblox is teaching young children how to pirate music 

☎️ Ohio wants to take Google back to the landline era 

🚨 Congress launches the biggest antitrust action in years 

🗞️ SCOTUS prevents us from being considered hackers

💥 The year of the ransomware attack

🤔 Facebook rethinks its policies with politicians, including Trump 

🧑‍⚖️ SCOTUS decides anti-hacking case that will apply to almost everyone

🗣 First-Time GC: What you need to know

🗞️ Amazon takes another antitrust hit

🪆 Russia goes after the biggest social networks in an anti-free speech campaign 

💵 Google may pay big time for its history of underpaying women

⌛ A new lawsuit claims Amazon makes products too expensive 

🗞️ Apple makes a big admission to end Epic trial

🚀 What would’ve happened if China’s rocket fell on your house? Introducing the latest in space law 

🤷 Florida will fine social media companies that ban politicians

🍏 The end of Apple and Epic…for now

⏩ Legal red tape ties up Netflix and other streamers

🎓 Leadership roles increase for Black women at law schools 

👊🏼 States take the lead in internet legal reform 

🇪🇺 Why streaming companies face legal challenges in Europe

🗣 What It Means To Be An AAPI Lawyer in 2021

⏩ The Supreme Court of Facebook sends the Trump problem back to Zuckerberg

😬 The Snapchat lawsuit that may change years of legal precedent 

🧑‍⚖️ Inside the Facebook oversight board’s Trump decision

👛 Crypto companies are hiring top lawyers and lobbyists to keep regulators at bay 

⏩ Apple fears Epic wants to turn iOS into Android

🍏 Epic and Apple finally go to court 

💥 Employees fight back at Basecamp

☁️ Cloudflare shows how to destroy another patent troll 

⏩ Apple gives users more privacy, and Facebook is not happy

🚫 States are proposing a bevy of anti-protest laws

🧑‍⚖️ SCOTUS will discuss gun rights soon 

🍎 Apple’s turn toward greater privacy is creating enemies

🗣 Building a Happy & Mindful Legal Culture Live Discussion

⏩ Antitrust goes global

🔥 Fyre Festival makes a long-awaited settlement with the attendees it scammed

🙌 The deets on direct listings, from Coinbase’s chief legal officer

🇨🇳 China goes after Alibaba on antitrust 

⏩ A tidal wave of work is headed toward GCs

🌊 Why GCs are staring down increased work and slashed budgets

👩‍⚖️ Biden creates commission to rethink the Supreme Court 

🕹️ Apple and Epic reveal legal strategies in new lawsuit filings 

🔦 Meet Melissa: The Lawtrades Team

⏩ SCOTUS is on Team Google

😈 The new battleground for fair use involves...Satan shoes?!

🙋‍♀️ Personal values are leading more young lawyers to start solo careers 

✨ Google -- and the internet -- notch win over Oracle

⏩ A “hipster antitrust” lawyer is Biden’s new pick for tech regulation

🔢 U.S. News releases law school rankings with a dash of controversy

🔥 Antitrust revenge? Jeff Bezos tells Amazon to turn up the Twitter heat on U.S. lawmakers

🔧 Biden’s FTC is shaping into a problem for Big Tech

If you have hired a contractor through Lawtrades, do you just assign 'busy work' or do they play a big role in the day-to-day?

Have you ever felt as if men are forgiven more easily for work mistakes? How do you deal with this?

What are the differences in work-life balance in big law versus in-house?

Would you recommend any training programs/certifications that help to make the move in-house?

⏩ How the U.S. whiffed on tech antitrust cases a decade ago

🏢 DC statehood talks are picking up. Is it legal?

⛹️‍♀️ The legal questions at the heart of March Madness 

🤐 Google’s secret memos show the United States’ long antitrust game

🗣 Women in Law live discussion

⏩ Twitter takes on Texas in new lawsuit

😌 How to get over pandemic-related urges to work too much

🛑 Pakistan bans TikTok

⚠️ Texas takes tech law into its own hands 

⏩ Joe Biden hires lawyer who may drastically change Big Tech

🚘 Self-driving cars aren’t here yet. California has a new law in the works, anyway

👯 Why can’t we be friends? Amicus briefs get a cold shoulder in SCOTUS

⚡ Tim Wu is ready to lead a Big Tech makeover

🤿 Sunday Deep Dive: Bitcoin on your balance sheet

⏩ The new internet, imagined by top lawyers

↗️ Net neutrality gets a Cali boost

🗣️ Federal appeals courts have gotten more partisan

🧨 How top lawyers envision an internet changed by Section 230 reform

⏩ Peloton takes the U.S. Patent Office for a “spin”

⚖️ Merrick Garland is the new AG, and he may be tough on tech 

🚖 England to Uber: Your drivers are workers

🚴‍♀️ Peloton signs up for a legal class

⏩ Apple and Google are reeling from a law by...North Dakota?!

✏️ A new hack for writing a legal brief

🤝 The OG Big Tech firm stands up for keeping Big Tech big

🏇 The North Dakota law that could cost Apple and Google millions

⏩ California's gig worker law appears headed for rest of US

🦾 Lawyers and AI don’t have to be like oil and water

🍦 The most vanilla lawsuit of all time

📝 Prop 22 passes California Supreme Court, primed for nationwide rollout

Lawtrader Highlight: David Krebs

⏩ The Facebook and Apple Cold War

🤷‍♀️ Actually, 2020 was as bad as the Great Recession for Big Law

🗣️ A scout’s honor lawsuit  

🍎 Facebook has an Apple problem

🎉 The Lawtrades 2020 Roundup

⏩ Why Google may withdraw from Australia

👩‍⚖️ SCOTUS dismisses emoluments clause cases against Trump 

💼 The challenges for lawyers going back to work

👋🏾 Google to Australia: Bye, Felicia 

⏩ Inside Google and Facebook’s alleged secret antitrust partnership

🎯 TikTok survived Trump; can it survive Biden?

🔬 Pressing issues for tech in 2021

🏹 The sweetheart, potentially anti-competitive Facebook-Google deal

🔊 Podcast #9 - Getaround's Andrew Byrnes on Lawyering and Leadership in Silicon Valley and Washington

⏩ There’s so much legal news in the final days of Trump

☝️ Legal jobs held steady in December, and in-house hires are expected to rise

📓 A quick guide to Parler and deplatforming

🏃🏻‍♂️ The Section 230 battle that Trump probably won’t win

🤿 Sunday Deep Dive: The SPAC

⏩ Legal budgets for GCs will be unpredictable in 2021

👖 What it’s like to argue in front of a pandemic

🍎 Apple takes an L in major copyright case 

🧨 It may be a tough year for legal budgeting