Sitemap - 2020 - NOT BILLABLE

⏩ Why lawyers were posting so much on LinkedIn this year

✨ LinkedIn is the old and new best marketing tool for lawyers

🌬️ So, what happened with the SolarWinds hack?

😇 How tech companies like AngelList and EquityZen are leading the way for liquidity alternatives

📺 Workshop Recap: Pinterest and Udemy lawyers share tips for commercial contracts and surviving the pandemic 

📑 Workshop Series: How 2020 Upended Commercial Contracts and What May Lie Ahead

⏩ Can the FTC really break up Facebook?

Was the “excruciating” bar exam harder online than in person? Depends on the state

The legal justifications for the FTC’s plan with Facebook

Europe isn’t making things easier for Big Tech

⏩ The pandemic is causing massive tax law headaches

With more options, young lawyers still choose Big Law 

For startups, 2020 feels like the dot-com boom

If you’ve been WFH this year, you could face double the taxes 

🔊 Podcast #8 - Forward's Thomas Scott & Matt Gipple on Blending Tech Culture with Legal Principles

🤿 Sunday Deep Dive: Self-Care

⏩ Your ability to watch Netflix on a work computer will be in the hands of SCOTUS

😑 Inside the findings of a new survey about law school debt

📝 Why internet law is about to change 

🦹 The Supreme Court will hear a case that could “perhaps (make) a criminal of us all”

🤿 Sunday Deep Dive: Prop. 24

⏩ How the tech world is trying to cozy up to Joe Biden

📈 Amid moderation issues, conservative social media networks are on the rise

📸 Be careful with that Instagram embed if you don’t want to get sued

💡 Silicon Valley sees Joe Biden as an opportunity

⏩ The White House ghosted TikTok

💥 This week’s edition of politicians going after Big Tech stars Mark Zuckerberg

😷 The year of GCs becoming chief health officers 

👻 The White House almost forgot about TikTok, which has 9 days left to find an owner

⏩ What a Biden presidency will mean for tech law

👩🏽‍⚖️ Affirmative action is in court yet again 

🙌 The legal reform candidates and issues that won last week

🇺🇸 Joe Biden vs. the tech industry?

⏩ Could tech companies have done anything to prevent legal scrutiny from the U.S. government?

🏢 How to make life easier for lawyers in the pandemic 

🎬 Big Law is outsourcing non-legal work. Is is it because of the pandemic?

📗 How did the federal government’s Big Tech legal issues begin?

⏩ Inside the tech law hanging over the 2020 election

🍏 The secret Apple-Google pact at the heart of the U.S. antitrust case

📺 QAnon backers sue YouTube

🇺🇸 The obscure tech law both Biden and Trump want to change

💁🏻‍♀️ The company that shows other companies how to work remote 

📈 Legal financing is expected to boom post-Covid 

📨 The long-awaited Google lawsuit has arrived

⏩The United States sues Google

⏩The Supreme Court copyright case with vast implications for the internet's future

🧐 To thank or not to thank, when you’re a lawyer 

📜 The U.S. House drops a 449-page takedown of Big Tech 

🖥️ Google and Oracle are locked in a ‘game of Jenga’ that could change tech

🔊 #7 - Stash GC Meredith Smith on Being A Generalist, Managing People, And Communicating

🧘🏽‍♂️ Lawtrades gives Headspace’s legal team additional support for enterprise offerings

⏩ Facebook's lawyers to the U.S. government: You can't break us up

🖱️ Why hackers have been so successful lately 

👩🏿‍⚖️ Covid setbacks are disproportionately impacting women lawyers 

🔥 Facebook has a hot take for the Feds

⏩ Is Google’s dominance owed to a deal that should’ve been an antitrust violation?

🦄 The Epic vs. Apple lawsuit is becoming “fascinating”

🗨️ Black lawyers explain the problem with microaggressions in the legal space

📕 The deal that shaped Google is exactly what many antitrust experts want to make illegal

⏩ The new frontier for legal disruption is in two states you’d never guess

🤷🏻‍♂️ The TikTok situation somehow just gets messier and messier 

🦸‍♀️ The best stories for remembering RBG and her remarkable life 

🌵 Why legal tech companies are flocking to Utah and Arizona

⏩ The TikTok sale happened...except it might not be a real sale

🗣️ New study: People are leaving private practice for public interest

🙌🏿 The best ways to thrive in-house these days

💣 WTF is going on with TikTok now?

How Lawtrades frees up GIPHY's counsel for bigger projects

⏩ It’s gonna be a bumpy fall for the legal industry

📉 The most under-represented group among GCs is the Hispanic community 

🧑‍🍼 The parental-leave wars at tech companies have begun

⌛ After a summer break, legal industry layoffs are coming again

⏩ A new technique for explaining legal subjects to your co-workers

⚖️ Minority and women GC numbers are up -- but not enough

🛬 Amazon gets the legal thumbs-up for drone delivery 

🌠 Why “bottom lining” is the conversation technique you need as a lawyer 

⏩ How TikTok plans to sue its way out of a White House ban

📺 Remote depositions are expected to outlast the pandemic 

😷 Is a federal mask mandate legal? 

🕺🏿 TikTok fires back at the White House

⏩ The makers of Fortnite drop an Epic lawsuit on Apple

🤷🏽‍♀️ The Covid force majeure clause isn’t working so well in lawsuits

💔 Trump’s TikTok war may literally break the internet

🎮 Epic launches an antitrust crusade against Apple

⏩ The mighty algorithm is gaining ground on lawyers

🤑 Damn it still feels good to be a tech startup

 🚕 Judge says Uber and Lyft must recognize California drivers as employees

🤖 The market for legal algorithms and apps is blowing up 

⏩ Is it legal for Donald Trump to ban TikTok?

🎗️ Why Covid-induced legal changes are expected to stick 

🕴️Breaking down the Big Tech antitrust hearing 

🤔 Donald Trump might actually have the legal power to ban TikTok

⏩ R.I.P. work email? #29

🚮 The sanitation worker who got into Harvard Law

🧑🏾‍💼 Lawyers are being counted on for business skills more than ever

📤 Why the under-30 crowd may finally kill email 

🔊 DoorDash Head of Commercial Kathy Zhu on Staying Nimble Despite Bandwidth Constraints

⏩ The movement to cancel the bar exam is growing

👮 Two legal experts on why the law prevents the federal arrests in Portland 

📹 Why a random tech exec is installing cameras throughout SF -- and potentially every city in the future

🚫 So whatever happened with the bar exam this summer?

⏩ Are all the lawyers going to leave New York City?

🤹🏽‍♀️ Deloitte takes ‘years in the making’ step to disrupt the legal market

🤔 Who thinks WFH will be the new normal? Nearly half of GC’s 

🛅 The next huge legal market is...Charlotte?

⏩ Big Law firms got some of the biggest coronavirus loans

🛢️ A legal decision casts doubt on the viability of massive oil pipelines

✍🏿 How GCs are dealing with reduced headcounts and resources

💰 Big Loans for BigLaw

🔊 AngelList Associate GC Amir Hassanabadi on Venture Capital, Tech Valuations, and Remote Productivity

⏩ Do lawsuits against mask laws have a chance?

🗒️ Will businesses get Covid-19 lawsuit immunity? 

🙌🏿 Where Black lawyers are thriving after leaving Big Law

🙊 The law says, yes you do have to wear that mask

⏩ Why 70% of minority women lawyers consider leaving law

💵 The Supreme Court said no; now tech companies are saying oh no

🇩🇪 Will the German crackdown on online hate speech come overseas?

📝 Women of color are leaving law at a high rate

🎙 Jordan Schwartz: From In-house to Building a Successful Virtual Practice in a Post-COVID Future

⏩ Should America ditch the state-centric attorney licensing system?

💪 A lawyer-endorsed strategy for cutting down on implicit bias  

🗺️ Coronavirus-induced remote work may lead to new rules for state-bound legal jurisdictions 

✌️ The best stories to read about the landmark Supreme Court LGBTQ decision

🚨 New Workshop: Catalyzing Change In-house

💰 Workshop Series: Managing Legal Budget During a Downturn

⏩ Twitter vs. Trump and social media's big legal battle

😴 The curfews enacted in many cities last week might not be legal

➡️ Are GCs ready to enact changes for better equality in their profession?

⚖️ The legal tangle likely to arise in Trump's feud with social media 

A call to action from Lawtrades

⏩ Why lawyers should follow the five-second rule

🚘 The unemployment dilemma for Uber and Lyft

🐺 What does “wolf-kink sex” have to do with copyright law? 

📉 Introducing the five-second rule for making tough decisions 

⏩The big lawsuit headed for Big Tech

GC training and conferences will not be normal anytime soon

Now might be the best time to start a boutique law firm

Google is about to face charges from the U.S. government

⏩ The reason GCs are being counted on to solve more non-legal problems

🎓 The Office’s Rainn Wilson has surprisingly good advice for lawyers 

🏢 Inside the legal industry’s job losses -- and where things are looking up

👩‍💼 Coronavirus has made GCs even more versatile 

⏩Victoria’s Secret lawyers saw the pandemic future before almost any of us

🔢 The numbers that explain why the legal sector has declined so much since March

Introduce yourself!

🙌 The best GC advice on making remote work better 

✍️ The (almost) perfect coronavirus contract 

⏩The results are in: Law firm life (still) ain’t easy

⚽ Go team go? Sporting clubs and large companies can become so big and popular that they unduly influence the court system 

🇺🇸 The coronavirus litigation opportunities you didn’t see coming

🤦 Yep, law firm life is very stressful, according to new study

⏩ How lawyers are needed for containing the spread of coronavirus

😷 How to turn a deposition into help for doctors and nurses

🌈 If you’re using force majeure, file in California if possible

📱 Tech lawyers will play a key role in building apps for coronavirus contact tracing 

🎙Oscar Health GC Hank Greenberg on COVID Resources, Telemedicine, and Remote Workforces

⏩ The bar exam strikes back

🛡 Everything to know about remote work security for lawyers

📝 Why every lawyer should read nonfiction writing at least 15 minutes a day

🥊 The bar exam won’t go down without a fight

⏩ How lawyers can refine their remote work social skills

💸 What GCs should know about getting coronavirus loans for their tech companies 

🕴️ An arbitration game change

🏘️ How to stay sane working from home as a lawyer

⏩ Layoffs, hiring freezes: Survey reveals what GCs are doing because of the coronavirus

Will you need to invoke the force majeure clause?

A bankruptcy spike is on the way

Will force majeure actually work during a global pandemic?

Office closures, hiring freezes: A numerical breakdown of how GCs are coping with coronavirus

⏩ No bar exam this year? It could happen

👩‍💻 Because of coronavirus Big Tech may get bigger 

🏛️ Figure out what’s essential during coronavirus shutdowns

📝 Lawyers may not need to pass the bar exam this year

What technology are you using more for work these days?

⏩ How coronavirus will disrupt the legal industry

🇰🇷 The South Korean laws that got its coronavirus epidemic under control

🧑‍⚖️ Quarantine power and US law

💵 What a possible coronavirus recession means for the legal industry

How are you handling social distancing?

⏩ Rock the verdict: Led Zeppelin wins a precedent-setting case

What coronachanges has your company made?

🕵️ How GC’s can get in front of new privacy requirements and regulations 

📝 Silicon Valley is loving the discovery revolution

🎸 Stairway to a new precedent

⏩ How attorneys can treat their worst email addictions

⏩ Meet the Harvard-backed startup solving complicated arbitration cases with AI

⏩ The U.S. has power ‘beyond question’ to quarantine for coronavirus or any other disease

🎙 Headspace Director of Legal Affairs Michael Marchand on Mental Health in the Legal Profession

⏩ Tesla GC: Hire an attorney who knows local judges, not a ‘law firm brand’

How do you go about hiring outside talent? 

🤷‍♀️ IRS to Facebook: Give us $9B. Facebook to IRS: No, you owe us 

🏎️ Why Tesla’s GC doesn’t rely on big firms when he needs outside counsel

🔐 California’s privacy law has been on the books for a month. It’s not going so well

⏩ A startup razor acquisition fails, and it wasn’t even a close shave

Let’s get to know each other! 👯

👾 Ransomware attacks are hitting law firms hard

🖥 Why lawyers need to think about data the way Silicon Valley does 

🪒 The FTC closes in on Big Razor. Is Big Tech next? 

⏩ The "mass counterfeiting" lawsuit is the latest trick in the copycat wars

Do you plan on sending more or less work to outside counsel this year?

💢 The company that sued over a rating

✍️ Get to know the “mass counterfeiting” lawsuit

👮‍♀️ Why Facebook execs and others in tech are getting ‘swatted’

⏩ Europe is getting way more serious about privacy than the US

With Clearview AI releasing a potentially game-changing facial recognition app, what responsibility do tech companies have to back away from products that could lead to abuse?

🚘 Are federal autonomous vehicle regulations coming?

🤦‍♀️ Meanwhile, in the United States…good luck walking down the street unnoticed

💶 The European antitrust-privacy regulation combo unsettling Silicon Valley

⏩ Hey Google, was this speaker made from an infringed patent?

Open Thread: Atrium lays off most of its lawyers. If you had $75M to innovate legal services delivery, what would you do?

🙅🏽‍♀️ Bluechip college students to Big Tech: Become more ethical if you want us

👨🏽‍⚖️ Seattle turns against Citizens United -- and Amazon -- with new election law

🔈 Speaker War: Sonos will testify against Google on Friday

⏩ California’s gig economy law is under fire

A New Privacy Law Has Created a $55 billion Market for Startups 

Kraft vs. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Uber, Lyft, and Postmates Are Giving California’s New Gig Economy Law the Hard Pass