⚖️ People want work-life balance; traditional law firms are struggling to adjust 

The pandemic has made obvious the need for more flexible work situations, not only in terms of location but in ways that improve mental health. 

Traditional law firms don’t appear ready to make the jump, according to Law.com. 

  • Lawyers were already struggling before COVID: Burnout, unpredictable schedules and pay discrepancies were major problems, especially for women lawyers. The pandemic made them much more obvious. 

  • But law firms largely don’t have coherent strategies going forward: Legal scholar and analyst Randy Kiser told Law.com there has been a “chronic underestimation” of the issues. “I think firms might actually not know what it is they should be doing, and at this point, it’s more of a mystery to them than a business strategy.” 

The office is still at the forefront of plans for big firms

Many of them have delayed returns but haven’t necessarily thought about the future of the office in the long term. One official for a top firm told Law.com, “Are there benefits to having time with your children and being able to manage your life? Yeah, I see those benefits. But I also think there’s real value to the in-person interaction that we’re losing, and the glue and the culture.”

The Verdict

The legal companies that offer flexibility and understand mental health concerns will be the most successful.