🗃 Trump’s Files Stay Secret For Now

The legal saga over former president Donald Trump’s connection to the January 6 insurrection on the US Capitol has been complicated yet again. A federal appeals court has temporarily halted the National Archives from releasing to Congress any documents of the former president’s that relate to the event.

  • The appeals court has asked representatives for President Trump, Congress, and the Biden Administration to submit briefs on the merits of transferring such documents and the scope of executive privilege, reports the New York Times.

Uncooperative Witness

In addition to the Trump team attempting to keep their files hidden, Mark Meadows (the former White House Chief of Staff) has failed to cooperate with the Congressional panel investigating the January 6 insurrection, notes NPR. Meadows missed a deadline set by the House Select Committee to answer questions for their investigation. “Mr. Meadows’s actions today — choosing to defy the law — will force the Select Committee to consider pursuing contempt or other proceedings to enforce the subpoena," said Committee Chair Bennie Thompson. Meanwhile, Trump’s former political advisor Steve Bannon has been indicted by Congress for defying his subpoena.

The Verdict

Trump and his associates flaunting Congress’s orders is par for the course, but the growing fight over Executive Privilege and its reach may soon makes its way to the Supreme Court. If it does, the court’s ruling will set a major precedent for future administrations.