🇪🇺 Why streaming companies face legal challenges in Europe

The overseas expansion for streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime is now coming with a legal price.

  • HBOMax is joining Netflix and Amazon with major moves into Europe and Latin America: But Europe isn’t necessarily happy about it. The global platforms have made it difficult for local media companies to compete, potentially stifling Europeans from getting home-produced content and crushing longtime institutions. 

  • Fortunately, the EU has laws for this situation: The EU requires that at least 30% of all programs on available streaming platforms be European content, according to the Wall Street Journal. Companies must also reinvest back into local programming in countries like France. 

  • Greater transparency is another requirement: In the U.S., streamers typically don’t disclose viewer data. Europe, specifically Germany, is forcing them to share more data so workers at hit shows can receive mandated raises based on popularity. 

The Verdict

Europe has been adding regulations for American tech companies over the last several years. Consider this to be just another round, albeit for something not nearly as serious as antitrust issues.