🔊 Sonos wins against Google in copyright infringement case 

It may be a lot harder to find Google voice-controlled speakers after a judge ruled against the search engine in a lawsuit started by Sonos. 

  • Sonos is the originator of internet-connected speakers: It claimed in a lawsuit Google used its speaker technology in the Nest Audio, Pixel and Chromecast. On Monday a federal judge ruled in favor of Sonos, saying Google had infringed on five patents. 

  • Google may face serious consequences: The judge believes Google should be barred from importing those products from China. 

The decision isn’t final

In December, the US International Trade Commission will hear the case.   

The Verdict 

Big Tech better be on the lookout for Sonos. The company claims Amazon has infringed on its patents, too, and the only thing that prevented it from filing a lawsuit was a lack of clarity on whether it could sue two tech giants at once.