🖋️ North Carolina wins a major affirmative action lawsuit 

Affirmative action has been challenged again and again in recent years. But after a key ruling regarding the University of North Carolina, the practice remains relatively unscathed. 

  • The case targeted a fairly basic use of affirmative action: The plaintiffs, a group known as Students for Fair Admissions, sued North Carolina for using race as part of its admissions process, according to ABC, contending that the practice violated the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause and put white and Asian students at a disadvantage.   

  • UNC has said its race considerations are necessary: It wants to have a more diverse student body, a goal it says is allowed under the Constitution.

The judge agreed with UNC

Her reasoning was in line with what courts across the country have said for decades -- that diversity can lead to educational benefits and seeking those benefits is a genuine and compelling interest for a university.

The Verdict

Students for Fair Admissions said it would appeal the ruling. The group has another lawsuit against Harvard (which it already lost) and would like to see both suits argued before the Supreme Court.