😌 How to get over pandemic-related urges to work too much

Lawyers’ work days were long enough before the pandemic. But does it feel like you’ve been pushing even harder the last several months?

The Wall Street Journal says that COVID has people feeling like imposters at work, and here are a couple takeaways and tips:

WFH (particularly as your own boss) can create dissatisfaction with results: Without others around, it leads to questioning our own work efforts. One psychology professor recommended taking notes of accomplishments on a weekly or monthly basis to record milestones. Another idea was to record feedback from others and return to it when you feel out of sorts.

Don’t overwork to cure your imposter syndrome: The fear of falling behind can be reduced by working twice as hard. But the extra work can also lead to burnout, so you should always be aware of the costs associated with any coping mechanism. 

Social support still works over Zoom: It’s not the same as in person, but experts recommend finding a core group of people with whom you can share work concerns, successes and failures.