🧞‍♀️ Why 2021 is a good year for lawyers to jump away from firm life

A great attorney exodus could be heading for the nation’s largest law firms if they’re too strict about telling people to go back to the office.

  • As Lawtrades has known for years, remote working is popular: And Big Law firms found out the same thing over the last year when Covid forced people away from the office. But many of those firms have a hardline policy about returning to office life. 

  • This is a mistake, according to recruiters interviewed by Law.com: Midwest recruiter Dan Scott said associate departures will rise in the fall if firms aren’t realistic about work from home. Companies and firms with flexible options will win. “Big firms that let their associates continue to work remote,” Scott told Law.com, “will be the beneficiaries of the lateral associates that are currently in firms asking them to come back to work.” 

Some firms have already adjusted their work plans to keep employees happy

In late May, Paul Hastings announced that staff and attorneys would soon have to be back in the office five days a week. Within a few days, they backtracked -- but not before recruiters started hearing from Paul Hastings attorneys looking for new jobs.

The Verdict

At least in 2021, flexible firms and companies will win out.