💵 Google may pay big time for its history of underpaying women

One of the biggest forces in Silicon Valley is facing a gender bias class action lawsuit.

  • In 2017, four women sued Google: They claimed they had been placed in career ladders that consistently led to lower bonuses and salaries. The U.S. government found other troubling claims, with the Dept. of Labor saying Google created “systemic compensation disparities against women pretty much across the entire workforce.” 

  • The latest strike against Google came last week: The four women’s lawsuit was certified as class action by a San Francisco court. Now, some 10,800 women are suing for $600 million. 

They have a California advantage

The women allege Google has violated the California Equal Pay Act, which has been expanded in recent years to make stricter rules against workplace discrimination. 

The Verdict

The case may go to trial as early as next year. Although it’s likely too late, Google says it raised thousands of salaries across the board last year.