GC training and conferences will not be normal anytime soon

Don’t expect training opportunities for GCs -- a key component in continuing legal education -- to be the same as they were before coronavirus. Here are a few takeaways from a survey of 405 GCs regarding in-house training programs.

  • People want to stay home: Only 17% of respondents said they would be ready to physically attend training events and education sessions even after stay-at-home orders are lifted. Some 45% of respondents would consider going to a session if protective gear and social distancing was mandatory.

  • GCs may not be able to go if they want to: Nearly half of the attorneys surveyed said they expected their travel and training budgets to decline in the next year. 

  • Training sessions have already been thrown out of whack: Two-thirds of respondents say they’ve already had to skip an in-person training event because of coronavirus.