🔥 Fyre Festival makes a long-awaited settlement with the attendees it scammed

Remember the spring 2017 story about a tropical festival concert that broke the internet?

Four years later, it’s about to break the organizers’ wallets -- one final time. 

Yes, we’re talking about Fyre Festival: Ja Rule, an investor named Billy McFarland and a bunch of influencers planned and advertised the event, but “planned” is very much a relative term. They promised several big music acts, private cabanas and gourmet food. Ticket buyers were provided tents and cheese sandwiches. McFarland ended up in jail, while Ja Rule mostly got off scot-free. But what about restitution for all the concertgoers?

A new settlement of a class action suit takes care of them: Fyre Festival will pay $2 million to organizers and 277 ticket holders. The ticket holders get $7,700 a piece. 

This wasn’t the only Fyre Festival lawsuit

Billy McFarland, who was sentenced to six years for fraud, had to pay $5 million to two ticket holders who won a ruling against him in 2019. 

  • The lawyer representing ticket holders in the class action suit said, ““Billy went to jail, ticket holders can get some money back, and some very entertaining documentaries were made. Now that’s justice.”

The Verdict 

A federal judge must still approve the settlement. And that lawyer is right about the entertaining documentaries. Watch them if you haven’t seen them yet.