🔧 Biden’s FTC is shaping into a problem for Big Tech

Joe Biden just sent his strongest signal for tech regulation yet: Last week, he nominated Lina Khan, one of the most prominent antitrust experts in the world, to the FTC. 

  • Lina Khan started making waves in 2017: She was pretty much the most productive law student of all time. While still attending Yale, she published an article in the Yale Law Journal stating the issues with the United States’ focus on prices when deciding antitrust issues. Critics referred to her take as “hipster antitrust,” although it has steadily gained in popularity.

  • After law school she got deeper into antitrust: Khan helped author a 400-page congressional report touting the need for new laws if antitrust enforcers wanted to get anything done. 

Wu + Khan

Combined with Columbia Law professor Tim Wu, whom Biden selected for a White House position, the pick of Khan illustrates a willingness to confront the tech industry. The FTC, in particular, has been bereft of resources. 

  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar said, “We need all hands on deck as we work to take on some of the biggest monopolies in the world, and President Biden is making his commitment to competition clear.”

The Verdict

The FTC has five seats. Biden still needs to pick another commissioner before the group has a majority of members favoring stronger antitrust actions.