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Mar 29, 2021Liked by Raad Ahmed

Not really, no, but I have certainly felt at times I am treated differently than male colleagues. For example, many in-house women lawyers they feel they are interrupted frequently, where men are not. I also hear a lot of women lawyers say that when they say "no" to something they are perceived negatively and often second-guessed or overruled, even by non-lawyers. I have seen and felt these things too and it is hard not to feel defensive and frankly humiliated when they happen, even if they are unintentional or unconscious. Over the years I have learned to channel those frustrations in a couple of ways. First, I am hyper aware of how I and others treat people. If I am in a meeting and Jane is interrupted, I will say, "hey, I don't think Jane is finished." Second, I am really transparent with my team. If I am not feeling I have the authority or buy-in I need to do my job well, regardless whether that is because of my gender, I will tell them I need their support.

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