🍏 The judge’s decision in Epic v. Apple is a loss for both 

We reached the end of one of the biggest tech lawsuits in recent years and neither Apple, nor Epic is likely happy about the conclusion. 

  • Judge Yvonne Gonzalez went for a compromise verdict: According to The Verge, she ruled that Apple must allow app developers to tell users other ways to pay for products other than through the App Store. The ruling may also let developers include payment mechanisms within the apps, the exact move Epic attempted last year. 

  • That may sound good for Epic, but it’s a pyrrhic victory at best: The judge also ruled Epic breached its contract with Apple and that Apple can continue to keep Epic out of the App Store. So Epic might not be able to take advantage of any loosened restrictions. Epic basically lost the battle for itself, but won the war for other tech companies.  

There’s another alarm bell for Apple

As the WSJ pointed out, Gonzalez hinted in her ruling that Apple was nearly a monopoly in the video game market. If other judges agree, Apple may find it difficult to win even bigger cases in the future.

The Verdict

Apple is likely to appeal the ruling as it continues to fend off legal action here and abroad.