✨ The next chapter of Epic v. Apple 

Apple is appealing the judge’s decision in its recent case against Epic, the well-known video game maker.

  • Wait, didn’t Apple kind of win this lawsuit?: Yes. To some extent. The judge ruled Apple was not a monopoly. The company even said the September verdict was a “resounding victory.” But now it’s going for what CNBC describes as “total victory.”  

  • Apple wasn’t happy with the ruling on “steering”: The judge ordered Apple to stop prohibiting app developers from steering users to other forms of payment outside the app store. Apple was supposed to end this prohibition ASAP and as part of the appeal is seeking a stay.

Epic will probably appeal, too

It really did come out on the losing end in this lawsuit and has said it plans an appeal. And you know what means…this lawsuit could go on forever, if the appeals are granted.

The Verdict

The longer the lawsuit continues, the longer Apple can hang onto the status quo for its app store.