📝 Why every lawyer should read nonfiction writing at least 15 minutes a day

Bryan A. Garner, a law professor at Southern Methodist University, told the ABA Journal that lawyers “should take writing and editing at least as seriously as you do your keenest hobby.” Here are some easy ways he shared in the article for becoming a better writer:

  • Think like an editor: Instead of mastering every sentence as you write, focus on the editing process. “A good editor tightens by eliminating verbosity and redundancy, sharpens by replacing abstractions with concrete terms and brightens by fighting dullness.” 

  • Spend 15 minutes (at least) reading good nonfiction every day: Books, articles in The Atlantic, The New Yorker etc. “(Pay) close attention to technique and how the writer holds the readers’ interest.” 

  • Write something for fun every day: Like a short note. Text messages do not count. “The notes must be authentically you, in your voice, but always you at your best and most refined. If you can write good letters, you can write almost anything.”