🎯 TikTok survived Trump; can it survive Biden?

Remember that whole TikTok controversy? Feels like a year ago, even though it was only like four months ago? 

Yeah, it would make sense if you forgot. Nothing really happened, and now TikTok is about to be Joe Biden’s problem. 

  • Donald Trump tried to ban TikTok: Many legal analysts considered it a PR move, and the failed execution of his ban certainly provides some evidence to back that up. After moving deadlines and nearly approving a deal to bring TikTok under US ownership, the White House distanced itself from the ban in the aftermath of the election.

  • But security concerns remain: TikTok is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company with ties to Chinese government.

  • And Biden is a wild card: He hasn’t spoken specifically about TikTok but is expected to, generally, form a more aggressive and coherent plan against China than Trump. He may try to work with TikTok or may pursue an even tougher stance.  

The legal issues at heart

Trump’s first attempt to block TikTok was to put it on a blacklist that would have made it difficult for other companies to work with it. But he later said those restrictions would be forgotten if TikTok was sold to American owners -- a sale that has still not been approved.  

  • Meanwhile, the US, quietly, has actually banned Alipay and other Chinese apps starting next month. It will be up to the Biden administration to figure out the logistics of the bans -- and lawsuits are sure to follow.  

The Verdict 

If Biden actually believes in keeping the deadlines the Trump administration blew past, we should have TikTok answers soon. The latest deadline for the sale is Feb. 18.