🕺🏿 TikTok fires back at the White House

Remember a year ago when the only news about TikTok centered on Mariah Carey dance competitions?

Well, in TikTok’s latest competition against the Trump administration there’s a new dance. Let’s call it the legal shuffle.

  • Yep, TikTok filed a lawsuit: It seemed inevitable after a White House executive order from earlier this month banned the app in America, effective mid-September. The company is seeking a permanent injunction of the order.

  • TikTok’s claim is based on two main points: First, it accuses the White House of violating due process by not allowing TikTok to respond to accusations. Second, it accuses the White House of misusing the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, which is the basis of the executive order.

TikTok is calling the administration out for politics, too

According to Reuters, TikTok described the White House’s actions as part of “a broader campaign of anti-China rhetoric” intended to influence the upcoming election.

The Verdict

Some 10,000 jobs could be on the line if a Trump ban goes through, according to TikTok. The lawsuit is running up against the deadline of the executive order and a November deadline by which Trump wants TikTok to be sold from its Chinese parent company.