🤝 The OG Big Tech firm stands up for keeping Big Tech big

Microsoft knows about antitrust issues. Long before Facebook existed, it was running afoul of the DOJ. 

And, as Big Tech companies face increased government interference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella vouched for some of the company’s competitors in a recent Bloomberg story.

  • Nadella said “Big by itself is not bad”: But he countered that competition was important, as well as having a business model that led to a greater good.  

  • He recommended tech companies take a more worldly view: “All of us in the West Coast of the United States need to be more grounded, because sometimes I think we celebrate our own advances far too much.” 

Might Microsoft have antitrust issues coming, too?

Probably not from the federal government. But several companies have been complaining about its influence. Slack, before getting purchased by Salesforce, asked EU regulators to look into Microsoft’s practices with its Teams product. 

The Verdict 

Microsoft’s influence may have no impact on the DOJ, but Nadella is showing unity at a time when the biggest tech companies have been facing unprecedented heat.