🎓 The Office’s Rainn Wilson has surprisingly good advice for lawyers 

Consider it the law school commencement speech you didn’t know you needed: At a time when major law schools have canceled commencements and speakers -- and when all of us, regardless of how far we are in our careers, could use a little positive encouragement -- the Texas A&M School of Law came through in the clutch with a virtual appearance from Rainn Wilson, best known for his role as Dwight in The Office. 

  • His main message was to focus on gratitude: He referenced a study of how a person who spends five minutes a day writing in a gratitude journal will see an increase in happiness of 10 percent -- the same increase a person typically sees when they double their income. 

  • For lawyers specifically: Wilson said, “The law is so important. The rule of law is being attacked on a lot of different sides, in a lot of different,insidious ways. And it is super, super important to keep it going and to honor it.”  (You can watch the full 7-minute speech here)

What is it with cast members from The Office providing good lawyer advice?

Mindy Kaling gave a great commencement speech at Harvard Law School a few years ago. Aside from hilarious jokes about the Dartmouth Red Bull School of Law, she shared this advice:  “The seductive southern lawyers from John Grisham novels get all the glory, the Noah Feldmans, but the rest of you form the foundation for our day to day lives. It's backbreaking and often, there is not much glory. And in that way, a lot of you will become the quiet heroes of our country.”