🔢 The numbers that explain why the legal sector has declined so much since March

Feeling like there’s less legal work for you to do? It’s not just you. A new survey of legal consumers from the cloud-based company Clio shows how much the legal industry has been affected by coronavirus. 

Here are some of the key stats:

  • The number of new legal matters opened each week has dropped 40% compared to late February.

  • 56% of law firms report a decrease in requests for legal work. 14% of firms report an increase.

  • 50% of consumers plan to delay needed legal work until after the coronavirus crisis has subsided.

  • Almost 22% of survey respondents believe lawyers have stopped offering legal services during the pandemic. 

Finally, a tip: As some states reopen, you may want to consider the option of remote client visits even if you’re back in the office. 56% of consumers say they want to meet over video conference if they see a lawyer in the next two months.