🧑‍⚖️ The Elizabeth Holmes trial is about halfway over; here are the key points

Where does the time go? The Elizabeth Holmes trial, likely to last until mid-December, has reached its halfway point. Here’s a breakdown of what’s happened and what may happen in the coming weeks, per the WSJ

  • Around 20 witnesses have taken the stand: All for the prosecution. They’ve included former employees, customers, investors, and board members, such as former defense secretary Jim Mattis. The prosecution has used them to present Theranos as a flailing company that sometimes manipulated data and projections and didn’t live up to the expectations from investors or patients.  

  • And the defense has tried to focus on Holmes’s intentions: The prosecution must prove she was aware of all the issues and deliberately misled the investors and public, so the defense has tried to get witnesses to say they didn’t really know what was going on in her head. It also got one witness to say company execs quickly responded to complaints from Theranos lab employees.   

  • Jurors have heard from Elizabeth Holmes just once: It was only her voice. She was recorded in 2013 saying Theranos’s product could run any combo of blood tests from a single prick of blood. Holmes may eventually be called as a witness by her defense team.  

  • Three jurors have been removed: One of them was kicked off for playing sudoku during the trial.