💁🏻‍♀️ The company that shows other companies how to work remote 

Ultranauts, a tech engineering startup, has been working remotely since long before the pandemic. And according to The New York Times, the company has nontraditional ideas for remote work that may provide a path forward to a happier, more efficient workforce. 

Here are some of the key approaches used by Ultranauts:

  • Distributing meeting agendas in advance: That way people who would rather not speak up during a meeting can submit commentary or ideas in writing beforehand.

  • Recording, transcribing and archiving virtual meetings: The practice allows for employees who remember best by reading -- instead of listening -- to come back to major company discussions. In the same vein of helping people who prefer reading, Ultranauts also uses closed captioning in meetings.  

  • Being transparent at the top: Ultranauts publishes the notes from meetings held among the company’s highest-level officers on Slack for any employee to read. 

  • Knowing each worker’s communication preferences: Ultranauts uses a homegrown software called Biodex that allows employees to create a profile detailing their feedback and communication preferences, including how long to expect a response and the medium through which they prefer to receive constructive criticism.

  • Asking for daily feedback: Employees are encouraged to provide input on the company culture, such as whether they feel valued.