💼 The challenges for lawyers going back to work

Whenever it’s safe to go back to work for good, the answer about who should go back and how often to go back is not likely to be cut and dry. 

As Law.com explains, there’s likely to be generational conflict and more. 

  • Higher-ups are more likely to want to go back: Many managers want to manage in person. That isn’t shared by all lawyers, though, especially younger ones. 

  • Winning cultures can be sustained anywhere: That’s what John Hensien, the CEO of the firm Clark Hill said. “I don’t care if you are in an office or in your home or in a client’s location or some vacation destination, as long as the client’s happy and you are happy, we are all for it,” he added.

But what about career development?

This is where it will get tricky. Lawyers are split on whether promises that their companies and firms will accept remote work will still get the same opportunities. Richard Hsu of Major, Lindsey & Africa said, “What’s going to happen is once it’s hybrid the lawyers that are working remotely are going to very much feel like second-class citizens.”  

The Verdict

No two workplaces are exactly alike, so figuring out a new normal will take time. And, obviously, Lawtrades 100% supports remote work and people who like remote work.