🦸‍♀️ The best stories for remembering RBG and her remarkable life 

Supreme Court Justice and pioneering women’s rights lawyer Ruth Bader Ginsburg died last Friday. Here are three of the many great remembrances published in the wake of her death:

A 5-Decade Long Friendship That Began with a Phone Call, NPR

“We were walking down a hallway, and I said to her, ‘Ruth, I've started to date someone.’ In my mind's eye, I remember her stopping in her tracks, looking at me hard, and saying, ‘Details. I want details!’ Ruth always did love gossip! The more the better...In November 2000, she performed our wedding ceremony.”

I Was Tired of Training. But Then I Thought of RBG, New York Times 

“We live in a culture that still loves to separate jocks from nerds. Regardless of your gender, Justice Ginsburg’s example suggested that those divisions are false — you can be smart, powerful and strong all at once.” 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, The Great Equalizer, New Yorker

“A century after the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s pioneering career as a scholar, advocate, and judge stands as a monument to the power of dissent.”