👾 Ransomware attacks are hitting law firms hard

Whatever you do when faced with a sketchy email, don’t open it. Ranswomare hackers are coming for lawyers. 

  • At least five law firms have faced ransomware attacks in the last week: According to LawSites, the hackers are using Maze ransomware, which has also been used on victims that include the Italian food company Fratelli Beretta and the City of Pensacola.   

  • It’s an extortion campaign: The hackers have threatened to release the firms’ confidential data, unless they pay a hefty ransom.

  • The ransomware is hard to avoid: Brett Callow, an analyst with cybersecurity company Emsisoft, told LawSites the emails are likely being crafted in a way that convinces lawyers to open an attachment that releases the ransomware.   

The Verdict

Ransomware is a growing issue at law firms, with attacks on the rise since 2017. One big tip for avoiding hackers: Don’t open any attachments from an unknown sender, even if it seems like the sender is a potential client. Make a call to the client before opening.