🔬 Pressing issues for tech in 2021

2021 may end up being one of the most challenging years for the tech industry -- and not just because of pandemic recovery. 

The Wall Street Journal shared a few insights on the potential road ahead. Here’s a quick rundown: 

  • More lawsuits: As noted above, the antitrust actions are already very much in effect. But new developments in the big cases may lead to a ripple effect of smaller private companies going after Big Tech for what they deem unfair practices by the likes of Google and Facebook. 

  • Slower growth: Tech, for the most part, succeeded in 2020. The pandemic led to greater adoption of products that may have otherwise needed years to take off. So watch out for smaller gains this year. 

  • Dealing with cybersecurity: Major tech employees will likely need to be further acquainted with cybersecurity in the coming year, as the mix of remote work and security threats will keep companies on their toes.