↗️ Net neutrality gets a Cali boost

Add California to the list of states considering their own tech-related laws. And, where other places want to charge taxes to tech companies, the Golden State is getting close to mandating a neutral internet. 

  • The movement dates back to 2018: In response to the Trump administration eliminating net neutrality, California created its own Open Internet law. Last week, a federal judge ruled against internet companies who wanted to block California. 

  • The opposition was about state vs. federal law: AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and other corporations suggested Cali was pre-empting the feds. They were against it because they feared net neutrality could increase their operating costs and reduce competition. Advocates just want every entity to get an equal shake on the internet and not have to pay for so-called “fast lanes.”

Plenty of other states had been watching

And given the judge’s ruling, they may introduce net neutrality laws of their own. 

The Verdict

The Biden administration favors net neutrality and may bring it back on the national level. But California’s law may give an extra layer of protection when other administrations don’t.