🦾 Lawyers and AI don’t have to be like oil and water

Will AI make the life of a lawyer easier? Or will it make lawyers non-essential? A new book, titled AI for Lawyers, is bullish that the future of AI will be a friendly one. 

  • Concerns about an AI takeover are real: Futurists believe support staff, including legal researchers and paralegals, will no longer be necessary in about a decade. Machines will be able to do the research and billing just as effectively. 

  • Lawyers could conceivably be replaced, too: The various client calls and interviews part of nearly every attorney’s job may one day be conducted by AI.

The pro-attorney view

The authors of AI for Lawyers see AI more as an aid than a replacement. They suggest lawyers use AI to better understand clients and to do more research while making fewer mistakes. They cite an example of an attorney who used an AI product while successfully researching a case that helped prevent a client from getting a life sentence.

  • There’s an ethical part to AI, too: The authors suggest AI will remove biases and lead to more equitability. 

The Verdict

AI for Lawyers is not the first work to explain the virtues of AI-based legal work. Plenty of people believe attorneys who correctly use AI will save time and impress more clients.