🥣 Kellogg’s is being sued over Pop Tarts 

There’s a problem with Strawberry Pop Tarts: That red filling might not have enough strawberries. 

  • Three lawsuits have been filed against Kellogg’s: The most recent, seeking $5 million in damages, claims the Strawberry Pop Tart actually has more pears and apples than strawberries, according to the WSJ.

  • The same lawyer has filed all three suits: Spencer Sheehan wants to gain class action status for them and believes, per the WSJ, “if you’re going to call it strawberry, you either ought to have all strawberries in there or just call it something else.”

The legal reasoning behind this

Sheehan outlined in his suit that the strawberry Pop Tart violates consumer fraud laws by making people believe it’s a higher quality product than it really is. 

The Verdict

Who knows? Sheehan could actually win. Ireland’s Supreme Court recently found that Subway bread can’t technically be considered bread because of its ingredients.