🇺🇸 Joe Biden vs. the tech industry?

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With news cycles changing every day and a seemingly unlimited amount of partisan bickering, it’s nearly impossible to forecast what lies in store for the presidency of Joe Biden. The one exception may be tech. 

The biggest tech companies are likely to endure a rocky four years, while average consumers may see a more user-friendly internet.

  • Brace yourself for more antitrust:According to The New York Times, Biden is expected to continue pursuing the antitrust case against Google while also exploring similar legal moves for Apple, Facebook and Amazon. The Trump administration had already been investigating Apple and Amazon. 

  • A staff of tech regulators: Biden’s campaign received input from hundreds of current and former tech employees. One of his campaign’s key staff members is Bruce Reed, who crafted a landmark 2018 California law regarding the online collection of personal information.   

  • A return to net neutrality: Biden has expressed interest in restoring net neutrality, which would prohibit internet companies from creating fast lanes and slow lanes for internet traffic. In a similar vein, he has promised to expand broadband in rural and underserved communities by using billions in federal funding.  

But Biden’s biggest tech concern appears to be misinformation

On the campaign trail, he consistently attacked social media giants for doing little to crack down on the spread of false information and hate speech. A campaign spokesperson said, “Many technology giants and their executives have not only abused their power, but misled the American people, damaged our democracy and evaded any form of responsibility. That ends with a President Biden.”    

The Verdict

With Republicans also supporting antitrust actions and new regulations for internet companies (remember Section 230, everyone?!), tech-related policy presents the rare bipartisan issue and nearly guarantees Biden will enact change in the tech world. And despite a fluid four years ahead, Silicon Valley executives and employees appear ready to back the president-elect. They overwhelmingly favored him in donations during the 2020 election cycle