😷 How to turn a deposition into help for doctors and nurses

The power of a good deposition extends farther than the words uttered under oath: A San Francisco lawyer has turned protective cover sheets for depositions into personal protective equipment for healthcare professionals

  • He thought of the idea by chance: Commercial litigatorSteven McDonald was cleaning out his office in February when he realized how many plastic covers he had that had been used on transcripts of old depositions. 

  • And a friend needed more plastic: His friend Cy Lo had been making masks as part of a nonprofit called Saving Face.  

The idea spread throughout San Francisco

Dozens of lawyers, firms and court reporters got involved after McDonald reached out. They shared enough deposition covers to make 2,100 face masks.  

The Verdict 

If you want to help Saving Face, check out its GoFundMe page. Another way to help lawyers impacting the fight against the coronavirus: Donate to the Lawyers for Good Government Foundation. They are helping families seeking asylum at the border who lack proper sanitation and organizing law firms that can offer pro bono help to small businesses that need financial assistance.