🏛️ Figure out what’s essential during coronavirus shutdowns

In half the country, the coronavirus has paused almost everything at work that is not essential. It’s up to GC’s, in many cases, to decide what should keep going on for their companies, especially those with locations in multiple states and cities. Here are a few tips, from attorneys at Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner.

  • Keep track of the laws in every jurisdiction that matters for your company. And know which employees are vital to have at the office versus which can work from home. 

  • If a shutdown order has not been enacted yet, reach out to legislators to ask for details and give reasons why your company is or is not essential.

  • Ensure that the offices are set up for social distancing for anyone who is still going to work. 

  • If a shelter in place order is enacted, provide essential services letter for employees who may need to produce them while in transit.