🛡 Everything to know about remote work security for lawyers

Bad news for Zoom lovers: The platform’s ease of use has made it a target for hackers and trolls. That is not good for attorneys, who depend on privacy. But there are several tips and services lawyers can follow to ensure better security while working remote. 

  • If you still want to use Zoom: Be sure to require everyone to enter a password to get into the meeting and have the leader of the meeting approve everyone who joins.  

  • Send messages over Signal: Signal is known for its security, with privacy as the default setting. It also has a videoconferencing service available. 

  • Pay more Legaler: If your company is thinking about videoconferencing as a longterm solution, it may be smart to check out Legaler. It is a conferencing and management platform built specifically for lawyers and has security and legal-related features that Zoom and Google Hangouts lack. Legaler starts at $19 a month.   

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