🚖 England to Uber: Your drivers are workers

Uber can’t win everywhere. 

After getting friendly treatment from California, the ridesharing giant will have a tougher road to navigate in England.

  • The UK Supreme Court made a blockbuster ruling: The judges said Uber must classify its drivers as “workers.” That’s not the same classification as employee, but it comes with more responsibilities than someone considered self-employed. Workers, for instance, are entitled to vacation time and minimum wage. 

  • The reasons were obvious to the Court: Uber compromises the independence of the drivers, the court reasoned. That’s because it sets pay rates, tracks them as they drive and imposes other contracts. 

Meanwhile in California

As you may recall, citizens voted overwhelmingly in Prop 22 to overturn a law that would have made gig workers, including Uber and Lyft drivers, employees. A state court just threw out most of a lawsuit challenging that ballot measure. 

The Verdict 

The rest of the US may follow California’s lead (although Joe Biden opposes Prop 22), but the England ruling could have a major impact on Europe. Experts believe gig workers at other companies will file similar litigation in England.