💪 A lawyer-endorsed strategy for cutting down on implicit bias  

The legal world’s diversity problems are no secret (Lawtrades just co-hosted a panel on diversity with TechGC). One of many reasons for that is implicit bias. As attorney Jeena Cho puts it in an essay for the ABA Journal, an effective way to reduce bias is to practice loving-kindness meditation -- “to interrupt and acknowledge our own implicit bias. 

Here are the steps she recommends, in her words:

1. Settling the mind through mindfulness meditation;

2. Bringing to mind someone you care about, noticing the feeling of compassion, offering words and thoughts of well-wishes;

3. Extending this sense of caring and compassion toward yourself;

4. Offering compassion toward others;

5. Bringing compassion toward all beings; and

6. Imagining taking away the suffering of others.

On top of that: Consider studying the people you follow on Twitter, the podcasts you listen to and the authors you read and find ways to cultivate a more diverse mix.